A Country Cradled by two Great African Rivers

Zimbabwe is a land locked country cradled by two great African rivers – the Zambezi and the Limpopo. Between these lies a wealth of scenic landscapes, incredible wildlife and mineral wealth. Destinations like Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and Mana Pools are world-renowned and the country is blessed with diverse habitats, from the granite hills of the Matopos to the majestic mountains, lush forests and beautiful rivers of the Eastern Highlands.

The Zambezi has an exceptional variety of spectacular scenery as well as one of the world’s natural wonders: the Victoria Falls. The National Parks along the Zambezi are located on the floodplains of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and offer superb wildlife viewing.

Along the Botswana border the easternmost tongues of the Kalahari sands creep into the country and mix with the teak forests of the interior, so that desert-adapted animals share the same habitat with woodland species; here we find Hwange National Park which is home to some of southern Africa’s last great elephant, buffalo and sable herds; Hwange is a truly wild area where animals have no restrictions and can migrate back and forth. This area also offers Zimbabwe’s best summer game viewing.

Some of our Zimbabwe Trips: