Experience the raw power of Mother Earth

Welcome to the end of the world—I mean, welcome to Patagonia! One of the most desolate, isolated and starkest places on planet earth; marked by wide open spaces, towering peaks, beautiful turquoise lakes, and massive glaciers. You will literally be blown away by the sheer beauty and power of this place. Nowhere else in the world can you experience all four seasons in one day (making packing quite the challenge!) Patagonia will clear your mind with its crisp fresh air while giving you the opportunity to go on trekking adventure and wildlife excursion. This is a place where you will get to feel the true power of mother earth and discover how small we really are.

Patagonia encompasses the southern most part of South America shared by both Argentina and Chile. Patagonia has two coasts; on the west there is the Pacific, on the east there is the Atlantic – and the Andes mountains running down the middle dividing the two countries.The Chilean side is known for glacial fjords and temperate rainforest, covering an area that starts just North of Puerto Montt in the Lake and Volcano district, running south to Tierra del Fuego. Torres Del Paine National Park is one the most popular destination of this area and also home to the well known “W” trek.

The Argentinian side features rolling steps and dry grasslands and is home to the famous Mount Fitz Roy where hikers can challenge themselves on a variety of trails. Not to be missed is the Perito Moreno Glacier where one can take a try at glacier trekking. And for those who love wildlife, a visit to the Peninsula Valdés is without a question; this is one of South America’s best wildlife reserves home to elephant seals, guanacos, sea lions, whales, and more.

Patagonia offers endless opportunities for trekking, nature viewing, wildlife viewing, cycling, and cultural visits. Below are some of our Patagonia Adventure tours. All tours are unlimitedly customizable to your request.

“It was amazing, I love this place!! I want to stay longer. It was cloudy, but beautiful and windy and icy and awesome!!“

Some of our Patagonia trips